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Product Quality as a Driver of Success

While every company looks for cost-saving opportunities, one of the biggest costs for manufacturing operations is poor product quality. The disposal of food materials (an estimated 2 billion pounds per year!) and lost labor hours can have a huge impact on your bottom line. In order to prevent wasted time and materials, companies should take a strategic approach to improving the quality of their product.

The Cost of Poor Quality

The cost of a bad product in the hands of consumers is drastically higher than catching the problem at its source. In fact, studies show that dissatisfied customers tell 9 to 15 people of their negative experiences, and with easy access to social media and review sites, one bad product can have a devastating toll on your company’s reputation. To prevent this, it is crucial your staff understand the significant costs of oversight and how to minimize defects. Proper training and awareness of the bigger picture can help them understand the importance of product quality and the “why” behind what they do.

Increase Supply Chain Visibility

In manufacturing environments, it’s not uncommon for most employees to have limited visibility over their own areas without understanding the full scope of the supply chain. By increasing transparency of the overall manufacturing process, companies can significantly improve product quality.

One example might include tracking and displaying key performance indicators to provide employees insight into the company’s quality performance status, boost morale, and motivate line workers to maintain a high standard of food safety–because who doesn’t like to be on a winning team?

Label Accurately

Many consumers consider labeling an essential part of their purchasing decisions and demand full transparency of what they’re consuming upfront. This is why consistency and the accurate labeling of ingredients, raw materials, nutritional information, and allergens is a key element to improving product quality.

In a world where many consumers feel “tricked” by dubious claims of “natural” and “organic”, providing honest and accurate labeling can set you apart as a trusted brand.

Avert Can Help

In an industry where small mishaps can have huge consequences, your business can’t afford to compromise its integrity on the hope of product quality. Avert Food Safety Advisors can work with you to identify areas of improvement in your day-to-day processes. Our knowledgeable consultants are equipped with over 20 years of expertise to make your product quality all it can be. Avert also offers preventative programs and team training to further protect your brand.

Call us today to schedule an assessment at 702-706-6574 and visit our website here!


Matthew McClure provides sound strategies that instill cost-effective methods for building robust food safety, operational and quality assurance programs. Along with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Microbiology from The University of Akron and an MBA in Finance from Louisiana State University, Matthew brings over 20 years of experience in the food safety industry to AVERT Food Safety Advisors. His knowledge spans many areas including FDA food processing facilities, USDA meat and poultry plants, dietary supplement manufacturers, retail, cannabis manufacturing, and food service operations.

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