What is the COVID-19 Safeguard Program?

COVID-19 has changed the landscape for many companies, bringing viral transmission of illness to the forefront. Your guests want to know that your team follows best practices and is doing everything in their power to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. With Avert’s COVID-19 Safeguard Program, you and your customers can feel confident in the safety of your establishment. This comprehensive program is focused on employee health & hygiene, encouraging practices like hand washing and sanitizing, reviewing current sanitation methods and chemicals, increased sanitation protocols including scheduled disinfection for frequently touched surfaces, personal protective equipment & physical distancing protocols (if applicable), and training and monitoring procedures. Inspections and corrective actions ensure compliance with the program and lead to continuous improvement of the operation. The program takes into account the latest guidance from the WHO, CDC, FDA, and other reputable organizations charged with managing the COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases.

Why is this program important?

Avert works with all types of businesses including theaters, fitness clubs, retail operations, foodservice operators, transportation providers, and healthcare offices. As the pandemic continues, Avert’s COVID-19 Safeguard Program enhances customer confidence in your business and gives you peace of mind knowing your operation is protected. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In addition to preventing the spread of disease, Avert’s COVID-19 Safeguard Program Inspections and Certificate is a visible sign to your customers that you take their health seriously, even after the pandemic subsides. Ongoing inspections by Avert certified inspectors confirm the programs and practices are being followed. Identified issues are immediately used as training topics for the staff. Periodic “swabbing” of high-touch surfaces and other microbial testing gives you verifiable data of your program’s performance. Since COVID-19 emerged, consumers are focused on the cleanliness of establishments they frequent. This trend will most likely increase into the foreseeable future.
COVID-19 Safeguard Program

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Don’t let the pandemic keep your customers away! Show them you care with Avert’s COVID-19 Safeguard Program as part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment in your operation. Contact Avert and get started protecting your brand today!

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