What is Organic Certification?

Organic certification involves a set of production standards under which animals, crops, and processed products are raised, grown, and handled according to a set of principles which avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, genetically modified seeds, or farmland recently used for non-organic production. Companies wishing to certify and maintain as organically certified operations must develop systems to trace and handle organic certified products and keep them separate from “conventional,” or non-organic, products and inputs.

Why are these certifications important?

An ever-growing segment of the global and especially US populations are making the switch to organically-certified whole foods for at least a portion of their diet. The millennial culture has come of age with identity preserved schemes that once seemed extreme, including vegan, organic, gmo free, and gluten-free. These certifications have become ingrained in the food supply and their importance is likely only to grow in years to come.

Common organic certification schemes include the National Organic Program (NOP) run by the USDA, and The Real Organic Project, a privately funded and managed alternative to the NOP. Achieving organic certification shows customers your commitment to a sustainable future and clean, healthy foods while opening up business opportunities in the natural and health foods sectors.

No matter which scheme you pursue, Avert will prepare your team for your certification audit. Depending on the client’s preference and their available staff, we can handle everything from creation of your Organic Systems Plan to handling procedures, sourcing and supply chain controls, internal inspections, and training. Avert works with manufacturers to create or enhance their organic system plans and supports them throughout the certification process ultimately working with reputable firms such as CCOF and QAI to secure your organic certification.

Organic Certification

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Don’t let your competitors get the upper hand! Show your customers your commitment to organic and sustainable practices through certification of your products. Avert will design and implement your organic systems plan from scratch and provide appropriate training so your team is positioned to maintain and continuously improve your systems. Call or email us today!

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