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What are International HACCP Alliance Courses?

The International HACCP Alliance (IHA) was formed in 1994 to increase food safety in food companies employing HACCP programs. The IHA works to accredit HACCP training programs and grant HACCP certification to lead instructors who teach those programs. Avert’s HACCP training courses are fully accredited by the IHA and taught by IHA-certified lead instructors.


Avert offers industry-specific HACCP courses for the fresh produce and cannabis industries:

  • HACCP Design and Implementation for the Fresh Produce Industry
  • HACCP Design and Implementation for the Cannabis Industry

HACCP is the foundation for manufacturing safe food, dietary supplements, and medicines. The HACCP certification ensures that instructors and trainees are properly versed in these essential food safety programs. Companies falling under certain jurisdictions, such as the USDA, are required to have HACCP systems in place for each of their products. HACCP is also the foundation of GFSI or Global Food Safety Initiative Schemes such as SQF and BRC and is a required element on which GFSI systems build on. The HACCP risk-based approach and hazard analysis have been adopted by the FDA as key elements in their curriculum for Preventive Controls for Human and Animal Foods developed by the FSPCA.

Course objectives & topics to include:

  • 7 Principles & 12 Steps of HACCP
  • How to effectively conduct a Hazard Analysis, determine critical control points, establish critical limits, develop monitoring, recordkeeping, corrective actions, verification and validation of the plan
  • Learn to identify, mitigate, and control biological, chemical & physical hazards that may impact a company’s process and products
  • Stay in compliance with industry and regulatory requirements
  • Prerequisite Programs for Food Safety
  • Real-world interactive activities help you gain practical knowledge of the HACCP process so you can apply what you’ve learned to your own process and product(s)
  • Accredited and recognized by the International HACCP Alliance
  • Training based on the Codex Alimentarius HACCP guidelines which form the foundation for Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) approved food safety schemes

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HACCP Certification for Cannabis

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HACCP Design and Implementation for the Fresh Produce Industry

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