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FSPCA Vulnerability Assessments

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What is the FSPCA Vulnerability Assessments Course?

The Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration 21 CFR 121 regulation of FSMA (referred to as the IA rule) is aimed at preventing intentional adulteration from acts intended to cause wide-scale harm to public health, including acts of terrorism targeting the food supply. 

The regulation requires creation and implementation of a food defense plan by a “food defense qualified individual” or FDQI who has successfully completed training in the conduct of FSPCA vulnerability assessments. In addition to creation and implementation of the Food Defense Plan, the FDQI is responsible for conducting the vulnerability assessment to identify actionable process steps, identification and explanation of mitigation strategies, and re-analysis of the Food Defense Plan. Vulnerability assessments may be performed using one of three methods: Key Activity Types, Three Fundamental Elements, or the Hybrid Approach. 

Avert’s IAVA course focuses on conducting vulnerability assessments using the 3 fundamental elements and educates participants on the value of the hybrid approach. This course, developed by FSPCA and presented by Avert, is the “standardized curriculum” recognized by FDA; successfully completing this participant course is one way to meet the requirements for conducting a vulnerability assessment by a “qualified individual.” This course is web-based with a live instructor via the ZOOM platform.

Avert’s IAVA course is one of several courses offered by the FSCPA under the IA rule and is the only instructor-led course in the FSPCA’s suite of food defense courses. The other courses are delivered in pre-recorded online formats directly through the FSPCA website. Courses are broken down to allow for role specific training of your staff. You can view these online courses here:

Why is this course important?

Avert’s lead instructors make the FSPCA vulnerability assessments material engaging and use real-world examples to enhance understanding of the applicable rules. Courses are designed for food safety professionals responsible for a company’s food safety or food defense plans such as quality, sanitation, operations, logistics, maintenance, purchasing, and management roles. While not required, participants are strongly encouraged to complete the FSPCA IA Conducting Vulnerability Assessments using Key Activity Types course prior to attending Avert’s instructor-led IAVA course.

Training Manual

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Participant Manual prior to the course. You are responsible to have a copy of the manual available throughout the course. You can access a free .PDF version here. Please be advised that the free .PDF version is 504 pages if you intend to print it yourself. You can also order a hard copy for $30 from the FSPCA Bookstore.

Available Sessions

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IAVA | May 9th & 10th

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IAVA | February 17th & 18th

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IAVA | March 17th & 18th

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IAVA | April 11th & 12th

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IAVA | January 13th & 14th

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With a few exceptions, all food companies within the US must use a Food Defense Qualified Individual for certain food defense related activities including development and implementation of a food defense plan and conducting a vulnerability assessment. Individuals completing this course receive a certificate from FSPCA indicating they meet the requirements of a “Food Defense Qualified Individual” able to conduct FSPCA vulnerability assessments  based on the three elements. Improve your food defense program and stay out of trouble with the FDA by attending Avert’s IAVA course today!
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