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Since 2016 Avert Food Safety Advisors have developed food safety and quality management systems for household name commercial food brands and dietary supplement manufacturers. This positions them to train clients ranging from Fortune 500 to small food manufacturing companies who embrace the rationale and importance of a strong food safety program

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Avert Food Safety AdvisorsAvert Food Safety Advisors
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Avert Food Safety Advisors are specialists from the food, dietary supplement, and cannabis industries providing first-hand knowledge of your organization’s needs. We provide education, training and programs that help our clients and their staff understand the rationale and importance behind a strong food or product safety program.

Avert utilizes over 20 years of expertise to integrate food safety and quality management principles into standard operational practices through preventive programs and team training, corrective actions with measurable results, customized plans designed to protect your brand and continuous support to help keep your organization and team on track.

About Avert Food Safety Advisors
"I was highly pleased and impressed with the PCHF Course’s structure led by Matthew McClure. The quality of the course was enhanced by his thoroughness, knowledge and experience with the subject matter. He was super helpful by providing extra examples and resources beyond the course material provided. I can tell he really cares about his student’s learning experience. I would definitely recommend this course led by him and take another course by him."

Sarah Gal, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Consumer Safety Officer
Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA)
Office of Enforcement and Import Operations 
Division of West Coast Imports (DWCI)
Full 2.5 day PCHF Course

"Regulatory training is always daunting—learning the law, deciphering nuances and vague terms used within the body of the law—but Matt McClure with Avert took his time explaining the law’s intention and better describing the vague terminology in a manner both those new to food safety and those with process control experience could understand."

Concetta Dugan, Sunsweet Growers
PCHF Blended Course

"Matthew McClure was extremely knowledgeable on the PCQI content.  He went over the process steps in creating a food safety plan in great detail.  I am confident I will be able to take the information learned into my future and perform better as a PCQI. He kept the class engaged, answered our questions, and I would highly recommend his course for other students seeking this certification. Thank you for the quality leaning experience."

Cynthia Sanchez, North Star
PCHF Blended Course

"Matt McClure is clearly very knowledgeable in the field, far beyond what is necessary for this course. As a former teacher, I admire his ability to consistently build up his students...Thank you Matt!"

Tim Brassfield, Cascade Wild Foods
Full 2.5 day PCHF Course

"Matt did a tremendous job as an instructor.  It was obvious he has plenty of experience with this as his presentation skills were truly reflected in his presentation.  He took the time to answer any student questions and did his best to conversate and explain things, and not simply “answer” a question."

Alex Alvarado, Bama Companies
PCHF Blended Course

"I took a lot away from this course thanks to Matt's ability to clearly communicate the nitty gritty technical FSPCA content in a way that was highly relevant. Matt is clearly very knowledgeable in this area and did an awesome job answering my questions. I would recommend for my colleagues to take this same course from Matt in the future!"

Atsushi Maekawa, Semifreddi's
PCHF Blended Course

"I worked personally with Matthew McClure for a few months of a HACCP audit. He's an extremely knowledgeable consultant. He helped us introduce new procedures and improve existing ones. Matt is highly professional, easy to communicate with, worked well with our team, and always took our availability into consideration. We appreciate the clear guidance he provided and can't thank him enough."

Andres Molina, The Gourmet Cake Factory

Proper Training Is The Key


Our team of certified food safety professionals will ensure your staff is properly trained to protect your customers from food safety risks.
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